Hate being a therapist? Here's what you need to hear...

Hate being a therapist? Here's what you need to hear...

If you've ever...

  • Cried in the parking lot of your job
  • Felt overwhelmed with dread and anxiety about another work week
  • Doubted if you're 'tough enough' for this work
  • Felt so burnt out that you wanted to quit being a therapist

I want you to know...

  • You're an amazing therapist who may be in a harmful environment
  • Sometimes, it's really toxic supervisors or colleagues... and not you
  • You can leave counseling and STILL support the wellbeing of others
  • Your purpose is not limited to one job, agency, or environment
  • It's okay to step away and prioritize your wellbeing
  • You're not selfish for choosing yourself

There was a time in my career that I thought I hated being a therapist. I took an extended break and realized that I never hated, nor regretted my career decision to become a therapist. 

What Did I Hate?

I hated the exploitation of non-profit work.

I hated being in non-stop survival mode without the financial means to prioritize my own care.

I hated the lack of autonomy at my workplace.

It was never therapy that I hated. 

In fact, I loved my clients and felt intense guilt when I made the decision to leave.

Sometimes, we need space to envision our purpose and career outside of certain work environments. You may want to leave therapy for good or you may need a break... No matter the specifics, I hope you'll give yourself grace and compassion to explore your needs without shame or guilt.

It's okay to release your role as a therapist and seek something that feels better aligned.

I hope you give yourself permission to explore and evolve.

You are more than a therapist.


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